LanceGoldberPaintngLance Goldberg Painting is a painting company that specializes in both interior painting and exterior painting. Our careful attention to detail during the preparation phase, as well as the priming, and finish coat applications, are what set us apart from most other companies. I am an owner who likes to work on the job to ensure the type of quality that my business is known for. We have been providing professional painting services for over twenty years. Our reputation for excellent service has been built while working in many cities, including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, West L.A., Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, etc... Please give us a call at (310) 306-1543 and I'll be happy to meet with you and discuss your painting needs. I want to be your new "painter for life"!!

This was a fun one !!

This house required a tremendous amount of preparation. Although that phase of the job took a lot of time and hard work, the results were extremely satisfying for myself, and my client !! You can see more "before" and "after" photos in the Gallery section.

Long Beach Painting

I love this house !!

It is located in Beverly Hills, and is owned by a very successful designer. It was great to work on this house, which required tremendous attention to detail. I was very happy to see my client so happy at the end of this project !!

Long Beach Exterior House Painting

Another fun job !!

These walls were done with a Faux finish technique. Faux finishes take a little more time than conventional painting, but it's always fun to do something a little different. There are more rooms in this house,which can be viewed in the Gallery section. I'm very proud of the finished product !!

Belmont Shore Painting

Straight Lines

We take great pride in our "cut" lines. Years of practice, combined with a good quality brush, can make all the difference. I can say with full confidence that there are very few painters in the world that are as picky about straight lines as I am !!

Long Beach Interior Painting

Need Help With Colors?

For the most part, choosing the right color is a personal choice. There really isn't a wrong color choice, as long as you're happy. I will work with you during the preparation phase, by applying color samples. Making sure you're happy with the color(s) is very important to me !!

Long Beach Exterior Painting

Lance Goldberg Painting is FPE Certified

Santa Moncia FPE Certified Painter

If you're looking for a Fine Paints of Europe certified contractor, you came to the right place. I recently completed a painting certification training program for Fine Paints of Europe, held in Woodstock, Vermont. I am proud to say that we are the only certified painting company servicing the Los Angeles area. For more information about this program, please click here Fine Paints of Europe

Proud User Of Benjamin Moore Paints

Lance Goldberg Painting

Technology has come a long way. This water base enamel acts and looks just like oil. This by far is our go to enamel for interior trim. If you're old school and think nothing looks or feels like oil, then you might want check this product out. I doubt you will be disappointed. It won't yellow as much, dries hard like oil, and just about looks like oil.

Lance Goldberg Painting

One of my all time favorites for exterior trim is Benjamin Moore's Aura series. The technology and the time that was put into this product makes it an outstanding choice for exterior wood. The low luster is a great choice for siding; the semi gloss is great for trim.

Lance Goldberg Painting

Regal Select is pretty much our go to line for interior walls and ceilings. The exterior line of this product is outstanding for stucco. This product has been around for a long time, with slight improvements over time. Basically, this line has been the back bone of all Benjamin Moore's paints. The new versions are now using the gennex tints which have great color retention. We have been using this line for close to 20 years, and have never been disappointed.


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