Lance Goldberg Painting Services Page

Here are just some of the services that we provide, if you have any questions at all, please give us a call.

Interior Painting

Marina Del Rey PaintersWe do all types of interior painting with an emphasis on cleanliness and organization. Before we start any type of preparation work, we will make sure all your floors and furniture are covered thoroughly. At the end of each day, we will take the time to clean up very well. I take great pride in leaving your home neat and clean !!

Exterior Painting

Marina Del Rey PaintersWith exterior painting projects we take great care in keeping your plants and surrounding gardens in great shape. Before we start any exterior job, we will ask you where the best place to clean our tools might be. We also will let you know which areas we are planning to work on the next day. Normally exterior projects are not as intrusive as interior projects. However, I still feel that communication with you is very important !!!

Smooth Patching

Marina Del Rey PaintersIf your ceilings are inconsistent and rough, even after the acoustic texture has been removed, we can patch, or “skim-coat” the entire ceilings. This will ensure smooth and consistent ceilings for us to apply the primer, and of course, the finish paint to make your new ceilings beautiful !!

Selecting Colors

Marina Del Rey PaintersWe take great pride - in transforming the colors of your home into something special. We realize that choosing colors can sometimes can be a tough task. We will help you through this process by applying “sample” colors in different areas of your home.

Accoustic Removal

Marina Del Rey Painters We can remove that old acoustic ceiling you have to give your home a much more modern look. We will take the time to cover your floors, and of course, your furniture very well before we start the removal process. After the acoustic ceiling (sometimes called “popcorn” ceiling) has been removed, we will begin the preparation phase on the ceiling. This consists of properly patching all cracks and other imperfections that exist in the ceilings.

Wallpaper Removal

Marina Del Rey PaintersWe can remove all types of wallpaper. This can sometimes be tricky because it is difficult to know what exactly exists behind the wallpaper. There may be several layers of paper, or there may be several cracks in the walls behind the wallpaper. No matter what the case may be, we can remove your wallpaper and make your walls look great by performing the proper preparation required to get your walls ready for primer and finish paint !!